16 April 2019 · Demonstrator Vehicles

The Truth About Demonstrator Vehicles

What is a Demo Car anyway?

Demonstrator vehicles are new cars that dealerships use to demonstrate and showcase their current product. These are the cars on the New Vehicle yard that are used to take prospective customers for test-drives around the block. They are also the cars driven by high-level dealership employees like the General Manager or the Managing Director (and their significant other!). It is custom that these vehicles have low mileage, anywhere from a couple of hundred to a few thousand kilometres and are cheaper than a new vehicle. Demo cars are great if you are looking to get into a brand new car, but your budget won’t stretch quite that far.

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Demo cars are only driven by professionals

Typically a demo vehicle has only been driven by people who are serious about motorcars.

Demos are driven by automotive industry employees who:

  • Respect and appreciate the vehicles
  • Who know the value of the vehicles
  • Who would get their butt kicked if anything were to happen to the vehicles!

And the GM certainly isn’t doing burn outs in his company car on the way home from work!

Demo cars are kept in mint condition

You won’t find a demo car in a dealership that isn’t in pristine condition. Because the car is the dealership showpiece, viewed regularly by interested customers, it needs to be immaculate at all times. Just ask any dealership yard hand! Marvin from Pacific Toyota reckons he details the demonstrator vehicles, inside and out, every three or four days. The vehicles are kept spotless to maintain their impressive new looks.

Demo cars have low mileage

As previously mentioned, it is custom for a demo vehicle to have pretty low mileage; anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand clicks is the norm. Honestly, they don’t get out much! Dealership sales people use demo cars to take potential customers for test drives and this is just done in the local area.

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Demo cars are all dressed up!

Dressing the demo car up with alloy wheels, bull bars or window tint is a tool dealership sales people use to demonstrate the awesome accessories each vehicle can be customised with. For example, when the All-New C-HR arrived at Pacific Toyota early in 2017 Sales Manager Matt had the demo tricked up with the top of the range colour garnishes and roof racks to highlight the sporty nature of the car. That is an added bonus of purchasing a demo car- often it comes with accessories thrown in.

Demo Vehicles: The Showpiece of the range

Click the link if you would like to know more about the range of Demo Vehicles at Pacific Toyota or please don’t hesitate to come in and chat to us in our about our Demo cars. They are almost new, but won’t cost you!