4 August 2017 · Finance & Insurance

Finance Options Available

What Finance Options are available to you?

Not many of us pay for a new car with cash unless we have won the lottery!

If the vehicle is for personal use only, you simply need to pick a finance option with repayments you can afford. If you are looking to tax deduct part of the vehicle, thus part of the loan, all debt is not created equally, so you should talk to your accountant before making any decisions. 

Let’s say your accountant is all for you buying a car, or that personally you have a budget in mind on what you want to spend, now it’s time to work out the best place for you to get finance from. Many of us head straight to our bank or to a mortgage broker, but at Pacific Toyota they can do it all for you and often they can beat or meet what is offered elsewhere.

Pacific Toyota have professional consultants that are comprehensively trained and experienced in all facets of motor vehicle financing and offer a tailored package exclusive to your individual requirements. Their services include leases, loan contracts, balloon finance, comprehensive insurance, loan protection, warrant policies, and auto equity.

Pacific Toyota also have a unique benefit that allows them to guarantee the future value of a new Toyota and offer fixed rate loans for both personal and business, so it’s certainly worth having a chat with them to find out what they can do for you.

Here is an overview of their loan types:

  • Toyota Access Consumer loan
    • Guaranteed future value of the vehicle
    • Choice of a deposit amount to reduce your repayments
    • Fixed interest rate and repayments
    • The choice to trade, keep or return you Toyota at the end of your loan


  • Consumer fixed rate car loan
    • Choice of a new or used vehicle from Toyota range
    • Option to add a balloon final payment to reduce your repayment
    • Choice of loan terms from1-7 years


  • Novated Lease
    • Complete transparency across all rates, fees and changes
    • Competitive interest rates due to direct funding
    • Taking advantage of Toyota finance’s buying power on the cost of the car.


  • Business finance options
    • The assurance of a fixed interest rate and repayments to help you manage your cash flow.
    • The certainty of a guaranteed future value
    • The flexibility to trade, keep or return your vehicle, to give you the security of knowing that you can change your car when your business needs to change.


  • Business car loan
    • A fixed interest rate and repayments for the term of the loan, to help you manage your cash flow
    • Choice of car loan terms, ranging from 1-7 years
    • Finance for any new and used vehicles from across the Toyota range


  • Finance Lease
    • Ability to finance up to 100% of the cost of your new vehicle
    • No fixed kilometre limits
    • Security of fixed payments for the term of the lease


  • Novated Lease
    • A dedicated team of experts to support employees every step of the way
    • To take advantage of Toyota finance’s buying power on the cost of the car
    • Flexible terms to suit you and your staff.

The insurance services available include Motor vehicle insurance, factory approved warranty insurance, finance insurance as well as roadside assist.

If you are unsure about any of the options available one of the Finance and Warranty team at Pacific Toyota will be more than happy to clarify these for you.