18 May 2020 · Health & Well being

7 Simple Ways To Help You Stay Healthy At Home

Remember, it’s important to keep our blood pumping and bodies moving while staying indoors. We’ve compiled 7 easy-to-do activities that you can do in and around the house to help you stay healthy that require minimal effort.



1. One small workout, one giant payoff


With gyms closed, a little creativity is key. Household products like milk cartons and rice bags can be used as great makeshift weights! Benefits of at-home workouts are that you can choose your timeframe and do your entire routines from the comfort of your lounge room or garage. If you’ve got 15 minutes to spare, activities such as jump-rope, pushups or lunges help you work up a sweat in a short amount of time

YouTube ‘5 Cheap & Easy DIY Dumbbell Ideas’ by Joanna Soh, August 9th, 2017



2. Take a stand against sitting


Many of us are now working from home, which means most of us are sitting in the one spot all-day-long. If you transition to standing as you work, your work routine becomes a part of your workout!

YouTube ‘The $28 stand up desk’ by LRN2DIY, January 31st, 2013


3. There’s no better time to spring clean!

Didn’t get to declutter and throw all those unwanted magazines or scrub those high surfaces last Spring? This is the perfect time to turn those gruelling chores into a ‘housework-out’ and eliminate all those lingering germs around the house. Get the vacuum out, mop the floor, wash the car, sanitise the kitchen - you can do it, just put your back into it!

YouTube ‘7 EXPERT CLEANING TIPS YOU NEED TO BE USING’ by Clean My Space, July 22nd, 2017



4. Give your house a facelift

Rearranging the furniture or coating your walls may just a few activities that can help you stay active whilst giving you and your family some extra-productive purpose to pass the time.

India Times ‘Beat lockdown blues’ by Glynda Alves, April 20th, 2020



5. It’s a disco inferno

Dancing can be a great way to up the cardio, reduce stress and get the heart pumping to the beat. Get the flares out and organise a family boogie night, set up a Zoom party with friends or tune into your favourite band or DJ’s live stream. If you’re going to have a lock-in, you might as well bust a move and do it properly.

No Lights, No Lycra

Want to light up the dancefloor at home, minus the lights? The Australian movement that took the world by storm, No Lights, No Lycra, are now running regular online lights-off dance-a-thons on Zoom. Check their Facebook page for times and links to join!

YouTube ‘No Lights No Lycra Official Video’ by No Lights No Lycra, April 27th, 2018



6. Tone your physique as you tend to your plants


Raking, digging or mowing the lawn can give you an opportunity to do some exercise around the home. Enjoy spending time in nature in your backyard!

Nature and Garden ‘Coronavirus gardening – What can you do in the garden during a lockdown?’ 2020




7. Eat good, feel good


Eating well is always so important no matter where you are or what you do. All the extra time spent at home can give you a perfect excuse to spend more time perfecting the art of cooking a balanced meal prep. If cooking isn’t your jam however, then there’s many great fresh meal options to choose from.

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And there you have it – 7 different and very do-able ways to help break a sweat and stay fit while staying indoors. Keep your body and mind healthy and happy while we stay home for the good of everyone!

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