24 July 2017 · Reviews

Review: 2017 Kluger GXL Auto

Bree James the founder of PAKMAG gives a family perspective of a new Kluger

PAKMAG reviews a 2017 Kluger GXL

The Top Five Reasons Your New Car Should Be a Toyota Kluger.

Finding the perfect car for the family is hard work. You want something with space, but not too big so you can’t park it. You want something stylish, but not too stylish so that mum from school doesn’t make a smartie remark, “Did you win lotto?” You want something functional so that you can go on adventures, but also safe so that you can do school drop and pick up with ease.  Well, mums and dads, look no further than the Toyota Kluger.

It is the perfect car for families for many reasons, here are my top five.

7 Seats for ultimate comfort and safety.

Even though I only have two children, five seats is never enough in a car. Often it’s so squishy, the kids fight because they are touching each other and there is still an empty seat in between them. Not with the Kluger. The back seat can comfortably fit three adults, then there is another row of seats that you can pop up when you require giving you another two seats on standby. It is really surprising how much seating space is in this car. Plus, there are seven airbags for added safety.

Automatic Boot

Every car should have this feature. You can open and close the boot from the press of a button sitting in the car, or from your car keys walking to the car. This means the kids can jump out of the car and grab their school bags from the boot and you don’t even have to help them. Perfect for those moments when you have done the food shopping and are struggling to hold your trolley, child’s hand, and getting everything into the car.

Fuel efficient, yet still powerful.

The 3.5 litre V6 engine means it has no trouble with speed either, I found myself being a race car driver a few times, and had no trouble overtaking cars even up hilly inclines. The Kluger is also powerful enough to carry a car filled with people and tow a caravan or trailer. In comparison to other 4WDs, the Toyota Kluger is quite efficient on fuel and has lower CO2 emissions than many other cars in its class.

Can take three car seats comfortably.

Alas, you have procreated three times close together, or your kids and their friends are under seven and you need a car that fits three car seats comfortably. The Kluger can comfortably fit three car seats on the back seat, all with their own anchor point.

Keyless entry.

Nothing is better than walking up to the car and not having to search for the keys in your handbag, trolley, or anywhere else your kids have put them. Just as long as they are with you, you can open the door just by touching the handle, or lock it with two fingers on the handle. You don’t even have to find them to start the car, you can just sit down and press start. Then the only problem you will have is getting in the house when you get home… every other lock you see is looked at with contempt.

So, there you have it, our top five reasons why the Toyota Kluger is a great option for your new family car. It’s stylish, as an SUV it’s got all of the perks of a larger 4WD but without the same price tag, it’s functional, safe, and will not only make you feel special driving it, but safe and at ease too.