15 April 2020 · Servicing Your Car

3 Things that you can minimise the risk of by regularly servicing your car

What will I minimise the risk of by regularly servicing my car?

Just like getting a check-up at the dentist, getting your car serviced isn’t the most fun activity in the world, but it’s essential to have it done on a regular basis. To keep your vehicle running smoothly and to ensure its health and functionality, routine car maintenance is a must. Here are some risks that will be minimised by regularly getting your car serviced.

Text 1 - Bills

Big Service Bills

Of course, finding the time to get your car serviced in between your busy schedule can be difficult, but it is well worth it and completely necessary. By going in for a service as often as it’s recommended by the manufacturer prevents bills from climbing up painfully high. This way, potential problems can be caught and fixed at an early time at less cost to you. Getting your car serviced in Cairns doesn’t have to be inconvenient; check out Pacific Toyota Cairns for information on how their services can be quick, easy and affordable.

Text 2 - Nasty Surprises

(Most) Nasty Surprises

Surprise issues can pop up with any vehicle, just like with appliances and electronics. It’s just something that happens from time to time. A small defect that may not seem like a lot to you may turn into a major – or sometimes even catastrophic – defect if left untreated. Consequently, this leads back into a high service bill when you do get your car serviced. Ouch!

Checking your vehicle thoroughly before going on a long drive is a must, but it doesn’t cover everything you may need to look for. Take your car into a Pacific Toyota in Cairns for a check up, and if there are any small issues, they can then be fixed before getting out of hand. This will therefore extend your car’s lifespan, boost its performance and make it more fuel-efficient at the end of the day.

Text 3 - Getting Stuck In The Middle Of Nowhere

Getting Stuck in the Middle of Nowhere

It’s the nightmare of every driver; the thought of getting stuck on the shoulder of the road, unable to start your car, toughing it out in the hot sun. No one likes the helpless feeling of your car breaking down in the middle of nowhere, especially with the lack of air conditioning. You’ve tried to fix the issue yourself using your own knowledge, but to no avail. This leaves you stuck with thoroughly unhappy kids and waiting for roadside assistance or a friendly stranger’s helping hand.

Taking your vehicle in for a regular service will prevent this from happening. Car servicing in Cairns at Pacific Toyota is affordable, professional, and the mechanics will tell you everything you need to know. Servicing is essential to keep your car running from point A to B and not get stuck somewhere in between!

Remember - vehicle maintenance is more about prevention rather than repair. In the long run, regular services will save you money, time, and stress!