18 February 2019 · Servicing Your Car

How To Make Your Tyres Last Longer

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How can I make my tyres last longer?

At Pacific Toyota Service Centres Cairns, we understand that tyres can be a large expenditure and we are dedicated to ensuring that you get the best value for your money. Part of this includes ensuring you know how to make your tyres last longer. There are a number of factors that are known to age tyres faster, these include:

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Physical factors.

Road conditions such as potholes, obstacles, curbs, sharp objects and speed bumps can cause your tyres to age faster. Avoiding these safely and driving slowly over speed bumps can assist to extend the lifespan of your tyres.


We live in Tropical North Queensland and Cairns’ extreme temperatures, strong sunlight and rainy season all contribute to our tyres damaging faster as can oil, grease, and other chemicals that our tyres may come in contact with on the roads. While we can’t control these things, not leaving your vehicle out in the weather when possible can assist.

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 Driving habits and basic tyre maintenance

Our own driving habits can also be detrimental to the life span of our tyres. Speeding, quick starts and regular emergency braking will wear your tyres faster. It is also important to be conscious of how your vehicle feels and handles on the road. If you notice a change, feel a vibration or hear unusual noises you need to take action to either check the tyres yourself or consult a specialist at Pacific Toyota Service Centres Cairns, sooner rather than later, the longer you leave it the more damage that may be being caused.

Tyres require maintenance, always ensure the air pressure is correct, especially before long trips. It is a good idea to get into the habit of routinely just checking your tyres for any damage, like nails or general wear. Routinely having your tyres aligned and rotated and balanced by a specialist such as Pacific Toyota Service Centres Cairns will increase the lifespan of your tyres and provide you with peace of mind.

 Improper usage.

Mixing tyre types, using tyres on damaged wheels, using wheel and rim sizes that aren’t compatible with your vehicle, reinflating a tyre that has previously been run flat or seriously under-inflated, and using tyres that do not have a speed capability and load index equal to (or higher than) what was specified by the vehicle’s manufacturer will all lead to increased wear on your tyres. At Cairns Pacific Toyota Service Centres, we will always ensure we fit the right type of tyre for your vehicle and your usage.

Tyres are a vital part of your vehicle, especially in Cairns, where our weather can play havoc with our roads resulting in tyre damage for us. If you are at all concerned about your tyres visit one of our friendly, professional teams at a Pacific Toyota Service Centre and put your mind at ease.

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