27 June 2017 · Servicing Your Car

Pacific Toyota Servicing

We all know the importance of servicing our vehicle so that we keep the value of our car, and also avoid problems that could cost a lot more than the cost of the service.

Most of us avoid getting our car serviced as it’s hard to be without your vehicle for the day… and next thing you know, it’s six months overdue. So, where can you get your car serviced in Cairns, and tick all the boxes of value for money, convenience and impeccable service?

The service team at Pacific Toyota can service your car while you wait. You can kick back in their lounge area with free Wi-Fi, refreshments, newspapers and magazines. If you are in a hurry they have an Express Maintenance option which has two Toyota technicians working together on your car in a specialised service bay which has everything at their fingertips, and means the service can be completed much faster.

Or, you can use their complimentary door to door option where you drive your vehicle in and they will drop you to work or back home so you can carry on with your day until it’s done, and then they will come and collect you. For those who will need a car for the day, ask about their service loan car.

Toyota Service Centre is open early for pre-school drop offs, and usually stay open a little later so you don’t have to race back to pick up the car.

Another great thing about Pacific Toyota Servicing is their fixed price Toyota Service Guarantee.

No one likes to have a service and then get a ‘surprise’ bill. That’s why with Pacific Toyota you can have peace of mind knowing what’s included in each and every service with no unexpected costs.

The thing I love the most is that you can book it all online at your convenience. Simply select your preferred day and time, then enter your details into the online service booking system and you’ll be booked in no time.

So, when you’re looking to service your car in Cairns, choose Pacific Toyota for value for money, convenience and great customer service.

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