15 May 2018 · Used Vehicles

How can buying a used car save you money?

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Most would love to own a glamorous new car at some point in their life – it’s on the bucket list of many people. It’s no secret that the cost of a brand new vehicle can be terribly high - so how do used cars compare to brand new vehicles?

One of the opportunities that come with purchasing a used car are the external and internal accessories that may come with it. From the typical tree-shaped air fresheners to silky soft seat covers and children’s booster seats, you never know what gems you might find in a preloved vehicle. People love to modify their vehicles in all kinds of ways that will save you money in the long run, if they choose to pass on the vehicle along with its various additions. There are many of these used cars for sale in Cairns, and some of the best can be found at Pacific Toyota Cairns.

You can get just a good deal on a used car as on a brand-new car; just put some time and research into this – or simply head on over to the team at Pacific Toyota who can help you with answers to all of your used car questions. All preloved cars at Pacific Toyota are in excellent mechanical condition, with clean interiors and often low on kilometres. Finding these gems certainly isn’t difficult at Pacific Toyota, and you can end your day driving home happy in your new vehicle.

You can still absolutely find a vehicle to suit your individual needs regardless of the age of the car. Older doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s not reliable if you’re purchasing a quality vehicle. Ensure it’s regularly maintained, just as you would with a brand new vehicle, to avoid issues and high servicing bills. Whether you’re after a first car for an excited P-plater, a vehicle to run errands at work, or a family vehicle to seat four kids (and a dog or two), Pacific Toyota has the car for you. Many, many families in Cairns drive used cars with no troubles at all.

Not to mention – used cars are significantly cheaper than brand new vehicles and generally just as effective at getting the job done. Don’t be fooled by the stereotype that older vehicles will break down shortly after purchase; each used car at Pacific Toyota has been thoroughly checked to ensure it is in sound mechanical condition.

Pacific Toyota has a large number of used cars available in Cairns, ranging from 4WD to vans, sedans and much more to choose from. With over 100 vehicles available, head down today and have a look at the preloved vehicles on display looking for a new home.