12 May 2021 · Used Vehicles

Sell My Car - How to get the best sale price

Sell my car 1

If you are thinking about selling or trading in your car, then there are some great ways that you can optimise the money you receive from the person or business purchasing your vehicle.

As with anything you are selling, the easier you can make it and the more value you include the better the return you will receive.

1.       Include the remaining registration on the vehicle

Including remaining registration on the vehicle is seen to be added value, so include the remaining amount where possible. Make sure you swap any personalised plates over to the generics first as well. This will make the change in ownership easier for the new owners of the vehicle as well.

2.       Include the full service history of the vehicle

The full service history is helpful because it can save money and it also instils confidence in the quality and reliability of the vehicle.

3.       Replace the tyres if required

If your tyres are close to needing replacement, then it is best to shop around and get the best price to have these done rather then leaving them as a bargaining point for the purchaser.

4.       Detail the car

The presentation of the vehicle is very important and has a large impact on the perceived value of the vehicle. If the car is clean, it not only looks more appealing, but the full condition of the vehicle is clearly visible, providing the purchaser with more confidence in their purchase.

5.       Repair any damage to external panels or interior

If your car has any small scratches or dints ,then you are best to get these touched up to improve the presentation of the vehicle. There are paintless dent removal options available now as well. So if you have a little dint don’t be deterred to get it fixed because you think it will be a bigger job than it is.

6.       Restore any parts you have removed

If you can include all factory parts from the vehicle you will be able to optimise the amount you receive for your trade in or sale as well. Things like the additional 2 seats from the back of a Landcruiser/Pajero, the parcel tray from the boot and any floor mats you may have taken out.  Reality is that chances are these parts will not fit any of your new vehicles, so there isn’t much point in storing them anyway.

7.       Find and include spare keys

Getting a new key can be a bit of a time consuming process by the time you order the new key and then have it coded to the vehicle, so any spare keys that you have should definitely be included. Like the situation with the genuine accessories, the spare key won’t be able to be used for any other car, so you may as well utilise it to optimise your sale price.

8.       Provide evidence of cost for any accessories installed

If you have had any aftermarket accessories added to your vehicle be sure to provide any evidence of purchase for valuing purposes.  You may be able to get a little bit more out of your purchaser if they can see the value in these items as well.


As you can see, all these small low to no cost suggestions can help you ensure that you get the most back when you sell or trade in your vehicle.

At Pacific Toyota we have a buying team that would be more than happy to provide you with a free, no obligation price for your vehicle.