21 September 2017 · Used Vehicles

The Worst Advice We Have Ever Heard About Used Cars In Cairns

Here at Pacific Toyota we’ve talked to a lot of Cairns residents who’ve gotten some seriously bad advice when it comes to buying used cars in Cairns. Here is some of the worst advice we have heard.

Used Car KM's Matter

"Mileage doesn’t matter for used cars in Cairns"

We have heard this one a thousand times. People buying used cars in Cairns who believe that mileage doesn’t matter. Of course it does! Typically the more miles a car has, the shorter its life is likely to be.

While it’s true that one car with more mileage may be better than another car that has lower mileage, this is taken on a case by case basis- and we still recommend that you take mileage into consideration when buying a used vehicle.

"The extra cost for a brand new car is worth it for the warranties alone"

There’s something tempting about buying a brand new car, but it will cost you. One of the biggest mistakes we see people making is assuming that new car warranties make this extra expense worth it. The truth is that you can often find used cars in Cairns just a year or two old that have valid warranties and there are protection plans available. At Pacific Toyota we also offer a 3-month or 5,000km Statutory Warranty on all of our used cars.

Used Car sales team you can trust

"You can trust anyone when buying a reliable used car in Cairns"

Shopping for a used car in Cairns can come with a lot of worry. We get people telling us all the time about bad experiences they have had with private sellers- and it’s no wonder, as you can’t be sure what you are going to get. The best thing about buying a used car from Pacific Toyota is the vigorous checks all our vehicles must go through before they can be on our yard. We do a PPSR and REVS check to make sure:

  • The vehicle has not been stolen or written off
  • There is no flood or storm damage
  • There is no money owing on the car
  • The odometer has not been wound back
  • The registration, engine and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN/Chassis) numbers match up

Our factory-trained technicians then perform a 100 point inspection and the vehicle does not appear at our dealership until it has been given a guaranteed clean bill of health- how’s that for a reliable used car.

Pacific Toyota’s used cars

At Pacific Toyota we are committed to helping our guests avoid the most common mistakes. When you are searching for a reliable used car in Cairns- we have got you covered and we have done all the hard work for you! We stock a huge of makes and models- not just Toyotas, so contact us at Pacific Toyota to discuss your used car options or check out our ever changing used car stock.