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PreOwned Vehicle Service at Pacific Toyota

Pre Owned Vehicle Service Inclusions

  • Check and replace oil filter.
  • Replace/top up to five litres of premium oil.
  • Inspection report.
  • Check all cooling system hoses for condition. 
  • Check radiator for condition and air flow restriction.
  • Check coolant level and specific gravity.
  • Check battery clamp, terminals for security and corrosion.
  • Check wiper blades and washer operation, top up fluid level in reservoir as required.
  • Check exhaust system for damage and correct fitment.
  • Check and report on fluid leaks.
  • Check all external light operation and light fitting quality.
  • Check all internal light operation, including dash and heater controls.
  • Check for safe operation of all suspension and steering components.
  • Check all engine and transmission mountings.
  • Check and report on all drivelines, components for safety and security, including driveshafts, wheel bearings and tail shaft.
  • Check horn and central locking operation.
  • Check speedometer and odometer for correct operations.
  • Check and report on tyre condition, correct size and load rating including wear estimate. 
  • Check and adjust all tyre pressures including spare.
  • Check and report on brake pads and rotor condition remaining wear estimates.
  • Check and report on brake and clutch fluid condition.
  • Check and report on brake drum, brake shoe and hydraulic cylinder condition and wear estimate.
  • Check all brake lines for security and condition.
  • Check bonnet release and safety catch operations.
  • Check boot release and lock operation.
  • Check correct operation of all rear-view mirrors.
  • Check air-conditioning system performance and report vent temperature achieved on test.
  • Check condition and operation of all seat belts.
  • Check for correct operation on road test of drivetrain.
  • Check on road test for any abnormal noises or vibrations.
  • Check air filter.
  • Check accessory drive belts for condition.
  • Check cooling fan operation. 
Pre Owned Vehicle Service Inclusions